Exploring Sligo - Activities

This section contains numerous activity sheets which could be used by schools and/or visitors to the sites.
This section will be expanding all the time so visit again soon!

Schools and or/visitors to these sites are encouraged to create their own activity sheets and submit them to info@exploringsligo.net.
NEW Build Queen Maeve's Tomb in Scratch (interactive)

Clogher Fort Quiz

Monasteraden Graveyard Quiz

Monasteraden Wordsearch

St. Attracta's Well Quiz

Stone Age Wordsearch

Knocknarea Wordsearch

Ransboro Heritage Quiz

Ransboro Project Crossword

Ransboro Project Wordsearch

Deer Park Worksheet

Rhododendron Word Search

Parke's Castle Quiz

W.B. Yeats Quiz

Parke's Castle Workbook