Saint Attracta’s Well

by St. Aiden's N.S., Monasteraden
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Saint Attracta is believed to have lived at the time of St. Patrick.

There is a lot of folklore about St. Attracta.
It is said she fled from Ulster to Connacht to become a nun.

She came to Killaraght (Church of Attracta) which became an important centre. She may have had a religious home there and a hospital.

The Well is situated 1 Km from Monasteraden on the road to Ballaghaderreen.

It is one of the most famous of the many Holy Wells dedicated to Attracta.

The Well is enclosed by 3 walls.

In the middle of the Well there is a large carving of Jesus on the cross (known locally as Clogher Cross).

Irriel o’Gara (Lord of Coolavin) is said to have this carved in 1668.

The instruments of the passion are on either side of Jesus – hammer, nails, pincers and whip.

Under His left arm is the most frequently quoted of penal symbols – the cock and pot.

The Pillar of the scourging can be seen.

The three palms are also visible – the symbol of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem.

The rounded stones on the top were said to be cursing stones

Our school has the Clogher Cross on our crest as a sign of our Catholic Ethos and also our interest in local history.

Pattern Day (or Patron Day) was the 11th August and prayers were said at the Well before the Parish Sports were held on the MacDermot Estate. This was re-enacted this year for our film ‘Heroes and Princes’