Clogher Cashel and Souterrains, Monasteraden, Co. Sligo

by St. Aiden's N.S., Monasteraden
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The Cashel can be found inside the MacDermot Estate stone wall on your way from Monasteraden to Ballaghadereen via Edmondstown Cross.

Look out for the sign ‘Clogher Stone Fort’ pointing to the entrance which is known as the Steward’s Gate.

It is a great example of a Cashel and very well preserved. Restoration work took place in the 19th Century.

Known as Cashelmóre – see picture of old map but now called Clogher Stone Fort.

The fort is 26 metres in diameter.
Walls are 4.3 m. thick and 2 m. high.
The entrance is 1.8 m wide.

The interior is raised 1 m. to accommodate the Souterrains.

The Souterrains are dry stone walls and roofed with large stone flags.

They were used for storage and refuge.

This Cashel was the dwelling place of a large clan or family – they would have been farmers.

Steps can be seen leading to a wall walk.

This Cashel might be the Rath Clochair mentioned by the Four Masters.

It may date back to Bronze Age Times.

We used it for the setting for ‘The Tallystick’ when Jonathan and Kyle stepped back in time and met St. Aiden in Cashel na Manastragh